Possessive style keeps Barrington on front foot

The Barrington boys soccer team has gotten off to an excellent start by out-possessing its opponents and playing an aggressive style.

The Broncos’ ability to control the ball starts on defense, where they look to dispossess opponents with physical tackles and gain possession after 50-50 balls.

“We’ve got small guys, but we’ve got guys who will put their bodies on the line,” said junior defender and midfielder Giles Phillips.

When they win possession, Barrington (10-2-3, 3-1-1 Mid-Suburban League) looks to build its attack from the back and frequently send defenders on attacking runs to apply extra pressure on opposing defenses.

The start of the match against Buffalo Grove last week showed how devastating the Broncos’ possession-style attack can be.

“The first 10 minutes of the game we got it handed to us,” said Buffalo Grove senior midfielder Zach Masciopinto.

Barrington dominated the ball and had five shots on goal and four corner kicks, although they couldn’t manage to score.

To generate more offense in the second half, Broncos coach Scott Steib pushed Phillips into the midfield, leaving just three defenders. Buffalo Grove was forced to respond by dropping one of its two forwards back to help defend.

“(Coach) said, ‘Giles, go be a nuisance in the middle,’” Phillips said. “So I put myself up there and tried to create so we could finish.”

Barrington was unable to get on the scoreboard until the final minute, when Logan Morris scored on a penalty kick, but Buffalo Grove was kept on its toes the entire match.

Possessing the ball has benefited Barrington on the defensive end as well; the Broncos have allowed just eight goals in 15 matches this season. But with just one goal in the past two games, Barrington has to generate more offense from its possession in remaining Mid-Suburban League play.

“It’s soccer, we need to score goals,” Phillips said. “That’s what we need to do to win.”

Originally posted on 10/02/13

By Jakub Rudnik

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