I am Jakub Rudnik: storyteller. I have spent the past eight years of my life working in the content marketing and journalism fields. Though they use similar skill sets, they’re distinctly different practices. What ties them together for me is telling stories – about a person, a team, a brand, a product.

If you have a story to tell, I want to tell it.

G2 Crowd

For more than four years I helped G2 Crowd (a B2B software review site – think Yelp for software) grow from a 30-person startup in Chicago’s northern suburbs to a 400-person, multinational growth company. I spent time growing our review totals; expanding our research report offerings; creating and testing content for our core products, optimizing for SEO; managing press-generating marketing campaigns; and doing so many things in between.

I’m proudest of two things from my time at G2 Crowd: growing organic traffic and developing content marketers.

Growing Organic Traffic Through Content Marketing

For my last two years at G2 Crowd I, along with Levi Olmstead, was one of the key drivers in strategy that saw grow from less than 600,000 monthly organic visitors to more than 2.5 million organic visitors.

G2 Crowd Organic Traffic Growth

While I spent some time working on content and SEO strategy targeted at our software category and product pages, my biggest efforts in this area were directed toward growing blog traffic, on Learn.G2.com.

This domain did not exist in January 2018. In October 2019 when I left, our Learn Hub had nearly 1.5 million monthly organic visitors. It also had nearly 5,500 referring domains. In June 2019 I outlined how we got our first million monthly visitors in less than a year.

Developing Content Marketers and Leaders

This tremendous audience growth would not have been possible without an amazing team. In February 2018, our team was five people: myself, Levi, and three writers. In August 2018 we hired another three content marketers. With that group, we managed to grow our audience to one million visitors. Since it worked so well, G2 Crowd let us hire another 15 content marketers.

Through hands-on, applicable training we successfully on-boarded 15 content marketers of various skill levels and experiences. Within three months we went from producing 50-to-60 content pieces per month to publishing more than 200 monthly. We developed more robust email marketing and conversion strategies. We launched a successful Twitter chat that regularly saw 40-plus participants. We did this and a lot more while maintaining a team NPS above 50 and higher than our company average.

G2 Crowd’s content marketing team is filled with talented writers who have good understandings of technical SEO for blogs; content planning and mapping; outreach techniques and link-building; image creation; and much more. I helped develop two first-time people managers whom are loved by their teams and are capable of handling tough conversations.

The G2 Crowd content marketing team I helped build is at the cutting edge of content marketing in tech. You’ll see many of them leading their own content teams sooner than later. I’m really proud of that.

Journalism Experience

Though I’ve spent the past four years in content marketing, I’ve never lost my passion for reporting, interviewing and investigating (this is where I drop the Oxford commas).

For the past four years I’ve primarily scratched that itch covering sports for the Pioneer Press, a group of suburban papers owned by the Chicago Tribune. This has been primarily prep sports, but also includes college and professional reporting experience.

I’ve also done reporting for the Times of Northwest Indiana, the Chicago Sun-Times and Bleacher Report, among others. And I spent one year helping write segments and creating application copy for 120 Sports, a digital sports television station that now is under the Stadium brand.

Twice my work has been on the ChicagoTribune.com home page, and I’ve been nominated for an Associated Press Sports Editors award.