Marathon Notebook: 26.2 Miles of Madness

Just beyond the eight-mile mark, Chicago Marathon runners were greeted by dance music, flag-twirling and choreographed cheerleading.

Welcome to Boystown.

At the center of the festivities was the Chicago Spirit Brigade, a volunteer organization that raises money performing at public Chicago events.  For the Chicago Marathon, the roughly thirty Brigade members were set up at the intersection of Belmont and Broadway–directly next to volunteers passing out cups of water and Gatorade.

Brigade vice president Kimo Huddy said the group has raised “Over $80,000 in 10 seasons,” all of which is donated to organizations that “provide direct care services to individuals in the community where we perform.”

To support the runners and raise awareness for their organization, the Brigade performed organized cheers with silver pom-poms, had two flag-twirlers and chanted “R-U, N-N, E-R-S, Run, Run Run!” in their matching light blue ‘Chicago Spirit Brigade’ shirts.

To be a part of the Brigade, members pay dues for $300 and practice their routines every Sunday from 1-5. The member dues allow the group to add 25 percent from their own funds to any donation made over $10.


Originally posted 10/07/12


By Jakub Rudnik 

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